“I have never hired anyone, consultant or employee, who has made an impact as immediately as Heather. She has completely transformed our hiring practices from the inside out and we now finally know what we’re doing and are able to replicate the best practices she’s shared with us on our own. Heather is efficient and thorough and holds her clients to the highest standards while remaining kind and fun to work with.   While we hired her as a consultant, she immediately felt like a true partner in our work and became an invaluable part of our leadership team. We are unquestionably a better organization because of her expertise”

CEO of a national non-profit, Washington, DC

"Heather has quickly become a critical member of our management team.  She has added clarity to the previously murky process of hiring and, with great patience, has guided us through each step. The deliberate process of hiring to which Heather subscribes provides enormous insights as to how we want to define success as an organization and as individuals. We have used these insights to communicate, and then manage, very specific expectations for all of us, which has rapidly strengthened our organization as a whole.

COO of a national non-profit, Massachusetts

“Thanks to Revive, our organization is getting an extreme recruiting makeover!  I've realized that what we've been doing has been totally handmade and Revive has elevated us to the big leagues.  I finally feel confident that I can turn our organization into a self replicating talent machine and impress the managers I support by teaching them a research and evidence based approach to attracting the best people.  Most of all, it just makes so much sense to dramatically improve something you're always doing...hiring!”

Manager of talent acquisition and onboarding, St. Louis

“Working with Heather at Revive Recruiting was a breath of fresh air! I have been running small enterprises for more than 20 years, but I have never worked with an external consultant before. By working with Heather, I not only attracted fantastic candidates and hired my absolute dream candidate, but also felt the process was highly organized and aligned perfectly with my organization's core values. Best of all, I grew more through the process than I ever thought I would—what a fantastic learning experience for me!”

Executive Director of a national non-profit and owner of a micro school, Washington, DC

“Thank you for quite possibly the most thorough, engaging, and warm interview process that exists.”

Letter received from a candidate