Revive Recruiting was born from Heather’s firsthand experience. After years of working in recruiting, she was reminded of what it feels like to be a candidate when an internal recruiter barked at her, “We don’t have a verdict on you, yet!” A light bulb went off, and Heather had a vision of an inspired recruiting process that would help to land perfect candidates while boosting employer brands. From there, Revive began its mission of freeing organizations from the weight of their cumbersome and unsuccessful hiring practices.  

Heather Schwager is a seasoned Human Resources and recruiting specialist with 20+ years of experience across multiple sectors that allow her to understand organizations’ unique hiring needs. She has been a client, a manager, a leader, a policy expert and a consultant.  

Most recently, Heather took over the search practice of a boutique talent matchmaking firm—the Offor Walker Group—from the Founder & CEO.  Consistent with the firm’s belief that ‘genius is equally distributed but access is not,’ Heather embedded multiple anti-biasing experiences into her searches which resulted in 81% of the leaders she placed being leaders of color.  

Heather served as the National Director of Talent Strategy for the KIPP Foundation, the largest network of charter schools in the country. Heather helped redesign how the organization attracted talent, while navigating the KIPP’s efforts to add 30% more headcount—their most intense period of growth. As Deputy Chief for Central Office Effectiveness for DC Public Schools, Heather built out the human capital practices for the 600 person central office and led a team responsible for filling an average of 80+ open roles at all times while creating a fresh recruiting playbook.

Heather’s career started as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill for 250 of the Fortune 500 Senior Vice Presidents of HR. She spent five years at IBM as an HR Partner supporting two of the company’s top ten executives. She also served as Vice President and then Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Marsh & McLennan, where she led a team responsible for filling an average of 30 hires across 30 offices at any given time.  

Heather lives in Washington, DC with her husband and her “Z girls.” She enjoys hikes in the nearby woods and spontaneous adventures, and she has a weird obsession with in flight magazines.